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China Desk 中文服务

"Shayne Hutton and Brian McMillan have been associated with acreage estates for over 25 years"


Sydney Country Living has established an Australian based globally available dedicated Chinese language service in order to provide guidance and support for the entire process from beginning to end of transacting property in Australia. At Sydney Country Living, we have decades of experience and knowledge in the Australian property market. We provide a friendly and responsive service that utilizes our strong connections and network within the Chinese-Australian community. We engage individuals both domestically and internationally and ensure all of our properties are presented to a premium range of buyers. Here at Sydney Country Living we are devoted to assisting you with your all your property enquiries. We will invest our time to completely understand your property requirements and assist you in any way we can to make your experience in transacting property a pleasurable one. We hope to work alongside you to make your experience a dream. We welcome you to contact us to discuss your requirements and to see how we can help you. Our China Desk works closely with prospective Chinese buyers who are looking for properties across the Sydney Region. We look forward to delivering you a personalised approach to real estate.


Sydney Country Living 立足澳大利亚、面向全球,设有专门的中文服务,以期全程指导并协助您完成澳洲房地产的交易流程。Sydney Country Living 涉足澳洲房地产市场数十载,积累了丰富的经验与知识。凭借我们在澳洲社区稳固的关系与网络,我们可切合客户需求提供友好迅捷的服务。我们聘请的团队成员来自国内外,以确保能将我公司代理的所有房产推荐给优质买家。Sydney Country Living 致力于协助您跟进有关您房产的所有咨询。我们将会投入时间,充分理解您的房产需求,竭诚为您提供协助,以期为您带来愉悦的房产交易体验。我们希望与您通力合作,让您获得完美体验。欢迎您联系我们,讨论您的要求,我们将会竭诚为您服务。我司的中国业务部与有意向寻购 Sydney Region 片区房产的中国买家保持着密切联系。我们的中国业务部期待为您提供个性化的房地产服务。


We are Sydney Country Living


The dedicated acreage agency. Specialising in the sale of acreage properties. Predominately located on Sydney's Northern Beaches and Hills District. We have achieved record sales in record times. If you’re thinking of listing, choose an agent with a reputation built on results. We recognise that your valuable asset is precious. The most important decision you will make when selling your property is the appointment of your sales professional. We are committed to providing a better way for home owners to sell their properties. Showcasing luxury properties on a world-wide stage with greater international reach. With the knowledge and expertise of our real estate agents, we offer the highest standard in service and results to ensure that you are in the very best hands. We believe that information is power, ensuring you have front row access to all of your property activity. We value quality , incorporated with state of the art technology , to provide you with a premium service. Working to qualify the most appropriate purchasers, we aim for the highest sale price for each and every vendor. Our transparent process encourages trust and strong relationships between vendor and agent. Brian & Shayne have worked amongst the most elite and luxurious properties, upholding the highest standard throughout the entire sale process and furthering strong relationships post sale. ' List with the agent that has a track record of breaking records' 

我们是 Sydney Country Living。专门的土地经纪商。专营英亩大宅销售。主营悉尼北滩 (Northern Beaches) 和 Hills District等片区的地产。我们创造了创纪录的销售业绩。若您正在考虑放盘,请您选择具有业绩信誉的房产经纪。我们明白您的资产非常贵重。在您出售房产时,选择专业的销售代理是您需作出的最为重要的一项决策。我们向业主承诺以更好的方式出售房产。我们会在更具国际化触角的全球舞台展示您的豪宅。凭借我司房地产经纪人的专业知识,我们会为您提供最高标准的服务和最佳销售成果,确保由最优秀的专业人士为您服务。我们认为信息就是力量,我们会确保您第一时间知悉与您房产相关的所有活动。我们重视质量,结合最先进的技术,为您提供优质服务。我们致力于筛选最合适的买家,力争为每一位业主争取最高的销售价格。我们的流程透明,有利于业主与经纪人之间建立信任和稳固的关系。

布莱恩 (Brian & Shayne) 曾销售过最优质、最豪华的房产,他在整个销售过程中始终坚持最高标准,并在售后进一步增进与客户的稳固关系。‘具有破记录销售业绩之经纪人公榜排名’





Brian McMillan’s career a real estate agent spans more than a decade. During this time he has established an enviable reputation for being an expert in selling luxury homes, lifestyle estates, acreage and commercial properties throughout Sydney and the greater New South Wales areas. Having personally negotiated in excess of a billion dollars worth of real estate transactions, Brian is truly among the upper echelon of Australian real estate professionals. With sales including some Sydney’s most prestigious homes. Brian consistently exceeds his client’s expectation in achieving the highest possible price. His vast knowledge of the industry and large network of clients, both domestic and international, has resulted in successful transactions for his clients that would have otherwise not been possible. Brian’s success has been rewarded by a constant flow of repeat clients and referral business which is a testament to his tireless work ethic and drive to be the best, With a passion for real estate, superior negotiation skills and an intimate understanding of the luxury home market, Brian’s clients are at ease, confident in the knowledge that he will achieve an outstanding price for the sale of their home as he has proven through his results. Brian is now focusing his attention on Sydney’s Hills District, representing Sydney Country Living. Feel free to contact Brian.


我司专业经纪人布莱恩·麦克米兰(BRIAN MCMILLAN)简介


布莱恩·麦克米兰有超过十年的房地产经纪人职业生涯。在此期间,他成为悉尼和新南威尔士州其他地区豪华住宅、别具生活形态的房产、土地和商业地产等领域的销售专家,在这些领域颇具盛誉。布莱恩亲自谈判的房地产交易额逾 10 亿澳元,他在澳大利亚房地产专业人士圈中的表现实属出类拔萃。他的销售业绩涵盖悉尼一些最负盛名的房产。布莱恩不断超越客户的期望,为客户争取到最高售价。布莱恩为客户达成的众多成功交易,离不开他丰富的行业知识和广泛的国内外客户关系网。布莱恩所取得的成功赢得了源源不断的回头客和业务推荐,这有力地证明了他不懈追求卓越的工作态度及其内在驱动力。凭借着对房地产行业的热情、卓越的谈判技巧和对豪宅市场的深厚理解,布莱恩做到了让客户们放心,且让客户相信他将会为客户的房产争取最佳销售价格,布莱恩也用实际业绩证明了这一点。布莱恩作为 Sydney Country Living 的代表,当前的业务重点侧重于悉尼 Hills District 片区。 欢迎您随时与布莱恩联系。

A RECORD $17.6M FOR ONE OF AUSTRALIA’S LARGEST EQUESTRIAN FACILITIES, LOCATED ON PRIME LAND IN SYDNEY’S NORTHWEST. The property was sold through Expressions of Interest by agent Brian McMillan of Sydney Country Living.

1760 万澳元的创纪录价格购入澳大利亚最大马术场地之一,该马术场地坐落于悉尼西北区的一片优质土地之上。这项地产由 Sydney Country Living 的经纪人布莱恩·麦克米兰(Brian McMillan)以认购意向书 (Expressions of Interest)的方式售出。




A private, confidential, Off Market Opportunity



Register with us online or feel free to contact Brian and discuss your interests. You can also email our concierge with your details to become a part of our private client database, this will grant you access to exclusive off market opportunities; luxury estates, lifestyle homes, acreage and commercial properties that aren't accessible by the public. Take advantage of this opportunity to have access to firsthand information on off market properties. We can tailor your interests offering you updates on off market opportunities and monitoring the market for you. Being a part of our private database gives you first hand privileges of viewing properties.


绝密专享, 场外机会, 独家尊享





To represent a property of distinction requires highly-qualified real estate professionals with global reach and local expertise.





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